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An efficient user interface covers the gap between the human brain and the digital product you offer. Based on the behavioral patterns and in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines we create delightful user experience – simple, intuitive and efficient.

User Experience Design Services

InfiGrid being one among the best UI design companies, we work hard in order to create stunning functional B2B apps with improved usability. We are a UI UX design company believing that everything that affects an end user is a part of the design process. As one of the best UI consulting company, we find solutions that are unique and caters the specific requirements of the clients. This is achieved by creating user interfaces that are clean, intuitive, expandable and friendly.

UI/UX design is one of the core services offered by InfiGrid. We were one of the leading user interface design company in India specializing in web and mobile apps. UI/UX experts work with a clear focus on the needs of the end-user which is the central part of the entire app development process. Our top UI design services help our partners to develop a scalable and robust user experience that maximizes the ROI and hence meet the business goals.

Web UI/UX Design

InfiGrid has adapted its approach to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. We’re a trusted web application and website user interface and user experience design company for B2B solutions in healthcare, education, IT and many other industries. Most importantly, we work closely with you to identify key performance indicators at all stages of the process, from wireframe and information architecture development to UI design, front-end coding and ongoing integration support. We’re proud to serve businesses and other organizations of all sizes.

The web world today is not just limited to desktop. People like to multi task and do their web browsing on mobile devices that they can carry around with them. In such a scenario it is important that your site functions just as effortlessly on mobile devices as on PCs. And the way to ensure a smooth compatibility from device to device is Responsive Web Design.

We create web pages that are easily navigable on screen of any size and device. Technically, this is called responsive web development. While designing such sites, we keep some key points in mind, namely clear readability with fluid navigation and eliminating horizontal scrolling at all cost. The sites are designed in a way that no matter which device they are accessed from, the call to action is simple and apparent to the users.

So, we develop the most flexible features like different buttons for different screen sizes, elimination of table-forms and fluid width layouts.

What you get from us?

Designed for all screen

We design our products for the four corners of the screen and not just for particular device’s screen. This help us to future proof your product.

High Performance

Our responsive website designs are developed by keeping high-end performance in mind. Most of the mobile users can’t manage huge website assets.

Device agnostics

The goal with our entire website is that they are device agnostics, which means the users will have a better experience regardless of the device they use.

Cross browser support

Our web products are built to work with a wide variety of browsers including explorer, windows, android, Firefox, safari, chrome etc.

Fluid width

With the use of a grid based on fluid percentages, you can stay carefree that any new device’s screen size breaking your website.

Designed for real people

There are so many websites, which do not meet to deliver the user’s basic needs. So, we design our products as a solution to real life situations.

Our UI/UX Design Process

Right from planning till support our expert UI/UX Designers and specialists work closely with your core development team following a well defined process complimenting UI/UX requirements, wireframes, prototypes, UI Development and Usability testing. This ensures that creativity and usability infused into every stage of the project to make it exciting and sticky to users.

Research & Strategy

UI/UX Design process starts with by diving into a simple how and why. Every project is unique and therefore our UI/UX design. We work closely with our partner to grasp specification and objectives.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframes ensures every visual elements are present in right order. We create high fidelity wireframes and further link it with templates and prototypes.

Visual Design

We provide beautiful and innovative UI/UX by focusing on the aesthetics and giving attention to the details while working on visual elements by choosing right mix of colors, icons, shapes, textures etc.

UI Development

Our technical team with right skills will ensure that your front end is built without compromising the design and technical aspects by keeping the right balance on both.

Usability Testing

Usability testing with right users is the key for any user centric product. So we encourage in identifying any usability problems by collecting qualitative and quantitative data.

We'd love to be a part of your next project. If you are looking for interface design, web app design or maybe usability services, let us know!

Our team is eager to start creating and get our hands and minds occupied with your next big thing. So, really, there's no reason to wait, get in touch and let’s create together!

Development Methodology

InfiGrid Solutions has hands-on experience in working with a variety of proven methodologies, be it classical methodologies, such as RUP, MSF, CMMI, or modern approaches like agile/Scrum, Waterfall, XP, MSF, PSP/TSP. No matter what kind of attitude your project demands, we have the skills and the expertise to work independently, or seamlessly integrate with your team to help deliver outstanding results.

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