Blockchain Testing Services

Ensuring secure and error-free Blockchain implementation by building a comprehensive test strategy and innovative approaches

Blockchain Testing Services

Secure your Blockchain solutions with our Blockchain Testing Services.

Blockchain is a digital ledger whose records are stacked together in small blocks forming a continuous chain, hence the name blockchain. It is decentralized, and that means each transaction that is added onto the chain has to be replicated so that each node has the same copy. Secondly, once you add a record to the chain, you cannot edit or recall it.

Blockchain enables contracts and transaction records that are permanent, tamper-resistant, secure, and efficient via a decentralized platform via smart contract, removing the need for a middleman broker to physically oversee every transparent action in real-time while still preventing fraud. While these unique features make this ledger special, they also render it complicated. Hence testing of all components of a blockchain is vital to ensure the defects in a decentralized ledger are eliminated.

Now, when blockchain tests became a regular practice, InfiGrid team has a profound knowledge of technology, its possibilities, and challenges. Some of the prominent tests we provide are block and chain size testing, perform load and security testing, assure safe data transmission, integration tests, API tests and make sure the overall functionality runs smoothly.

The objective is to ensure complete test coverage and achieve quality for blockchain applications. Some of the prominent tests considered are Unit Tests, Integration Tests, User Interface testing, and API Testing. Hence, it is important to choose the right tools for your blockchain Testing needs.

Our blockchain test experts not only perform standard functional testing of blockchain core but also do specialized testing such as Smart Contracts, ecosystem apps & documentation testing to verify business logic objectives and improve their executions and Peer/Node Testing — to assure secure and reliable blockchain transactions.

Types of Blockchain Testing Services

Block and Chain Size Testing
Our team makes sure the size of blocks and chains adheres to technology standards and enables smooth product launch.
Data Transmission Testing
Our team checks whether data transmission from one computer to another is fast and secure.
Data Encryption and Decryption Testing
The quality of encryption algorithms defines the product reliability. Therefore, our team makes sure the data is encrypted flawlessly, no disruption missed.
Smart Contract Testing
Testing of smart contracts calls for simulating all possible expected and unexpected conditions for all possible contracts.
Peer/Node Testing
This calls for the testing of the consensus protocol to determine that all the transactions get stored in the proper sequence.
Security Testing
We check all stages of data transmission, encryption, processing and storing; making sure the code is reliably protected from various hacking attacks.
API Testing
To test the communication between the applications into and out of the blockchain system.
Load Testing
To avoid the sudden crashes, our testing team makes sure the product can work with drastic load increase, processing all transactions started before it.
Integration Testing
To ensure that the interfaces between the components, the integrations, and the different parts of the blockchain ecosystem are functioning cohesively.

Blockchain Test Tools we work with

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