Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Preparing the roadmap for growth

Tailor-made consulting for your business intelligence needs

Our broad experience in BI consulting allows us to see through convoluted systems and make sense of data in a way that’s best for your business. Our expert BI consultants work closely with your team to develop a BI vision & strategy, data architecture blueprints, implementation roadmap and suggest the customized frameworks & tools for rolling up your enterprise business intelligence from the ground up OR extending your existing BI solutions.

Our professional approach on BI Consulting

Define BI Objectives

We work closely with your team and understand their business priorities and vision to derive the best suitable BI strategy.

BI strategy design

Our expert consultants develop strategic planning and roadmap for your BI vision and recommend the best match technology stack and resources required to cover your BI needs.

Assess existing BI Capabilities

We assess your existing BI environment to help you in bridging the gaps between the desired and existing state of BI implementation.

Performance Overview for CXOs

Our BI consultants help the CXOs and top management track desired KPIs to get a holistic view of the organizational performance

Proof of Concept

Our BI consultants helps you in selecting ready to use BI architecture or develop the new one and do the proof of concept exercises to ensure it fits with your BI needs

Dashboard Consulting and Development

We help you build customized data lakes and data marts and use the leading software tools to give you detailed and real-time snapshots of your departmental and operational data

Data governance & quality

Our data scientist helps you in developing data governance guide and in setup of data quality assurance processes

Reporting Platform

We build a customized reporting platform and perform detailed audits and give a detailed summary of the current state of your BI and analytics capabilities.

Why choose Infigrid for professional BI consulting?

Faster Adoption

Our BI expertise and our KPIs best practices developed together with industry experts help you deliver business insights faster, so as to accelerate the time to value.

Lower Risk

By opting for Infigrid’s business intelligence consulting services, you considerably lower the risk of failing – or at least, the risk of wasting time and money with unclear analytics and misunderstood insights.

New Valuable Insights

We help you master in using analytics best practices that we have developed over the years, so that you gain a new insight on your data and reach your strategic goals. These new approaches and new perspectives helps you in gaining the new valuable insights, giving you a competitive edge and assist the top-management by putting them on the path to better informed decision-making.

Effective Change Management

By choosing Infigrid's BI consulting services, you will be assisted by professionals that will work hand in hand with you to ensure this digital transformation works smoothly. From the initial planning with clear goals and timeline, to the delivery, we will ensure that the outcome successfully meets your objectives by adapting constantly to new changes as the project needs evolve.

Maximize ROI

With Infigrid's BI consulting services, the financial and time-consuming burden of pre-development, delivery and implementation is carried on our side: you can directly take advantage of a best-in-class BI solution augmented with consulting services.

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How We Do It

Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our processes as clear and transparent for you as possible. We adopt a well-defined, predictable methodology in delivering secure and reliable solutions for the long-term value of our customers.

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