API Development Services

API is extremely useful in expanding your web or mobile app in an open web world

Application Programming Interface – is a programming logic for the reliable interaction of software components, databases and computer hardware, has an important role to play in your business success. Behind every outstanding web application or mobile app, there is a feature rich API. In the world of app development, all apps are powered by numerous highly specialized APIs, each API developed to serve a specific function.

Our Web API development team can plan and implement web service APIs ranging from simple data- bound and CRUD-based APIs to Complex, Secure APIs exposing business objects in JSON or XML, implementing detailed business logic. We create such robust APIs that are capable of handling large amounts of traffic and data with ease.

With a focus on progressive technologies such as NodeJS, RoR, XML, JSON, WebAPI, MVC and frameworks such as JQuery and AngularJS, and several other technologies, we create strong, coherent and flexible API architecture that allow inter-connectivity between Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Tablets or Kiosks.

Our dedicated team of developers is geared to provide timely and effective web API integration solutions. They are well versed in

  • Twitter API development.
  • Skype based API Integration.
  • Web API development and integration.
  • .NET integration.
  • SOAP APIs.
  • XML/Java Script/ REST based APIs.
  • Paypal Integration.
  • Google APIs like Maps, Language, Charts, Geocoding, Adsense, Search and many more.
  • Oracle based web services.
  • Shipping APIs which include FEDEX and UPS.

Why Should You Choose InfiGrid for API Development?

For successful API development, a meaningful strategy needs to be followed. At InfiGrid, we follow a clear strategy that results in great client experience and unlocks the potential with the web. Our services with API bring you the following access. Check them out.

Power Tools

Current development scenarios are boosted by Power Tools and our developers understand how the tools can help in faster and more secure development. The tools reflect our philosophy for a better web. We integrate smart features and functions without any issues. The APIs, hence created are robust, secure and scalable.

API Explorer

We provide a gateway for an easy access to all our APIs, documentation and other important files with the help of the API Explorer.

API Status Monitor

Monitor the different aspects of the APIs with the help of the API Status Monitor. With the monitor, you can check the performance, accessibility and security aspects in no time. You can also check the past performances. With a real-time check, you can monitor its performance at stress scenarios as well.

How We Do It

Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our processes as clear and transparent for you as possible. We adopt a well-defined, predictable methodology in delivering secure and reliable solutions for the long-term value of our customers.

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