Amazon Echo App Development Service

Amazon Echo solve your problems with just a microphone.

Amazon Echo Application Development Service

Voice-activated technology has been around for quite some time now. Remember the IVR that you often listen to while punching digits to get to your request – that is your traditional form of voice-activated technology. However, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) fails miserably to understand clear and explicit requests and ends up presenting maddening and irrelevant options.

Amazon Echo Development Platform allows building creative and intelligent skills (that is what Amazon calls Alexa Apps) using a combination of smart natural language processing and cloud services. These skills can include simple tasks such as asking for weather information or complex solutions like controlling the smart home infrastructure or third party software and hardware integrations.

Why Choose Us for Amazon Echo Application Development

We have a team of expert IoT full stack Developers that can develop as per the client’s idea and according to Alexa’s policy guideline. We are known to provide cost-effective solutions to our client’s business needs. We also make sure the skill set to meet the standard security requirements. Our Amazon Echo (Alexa) development services below:

  • Custom Skill Development
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Integration With ERP Systems
  • Alexa Skill Testing
  • Localization

Benefits of Using Amazon Echo (Alexa) Development for Business

Smart Office Integration

Alexa has proved its worth in multitasking and we will help you integrate it with bevy of corporate tools. Using Alexa Skills Kit, we will build your own context aware voice skills for both practical and business use cases. Our voice technology solutions will help you simplify myriad of tasks at your workplace.

Home Automation

Alexa Skill Development services are committed to develop solutions for integrating smart home devices in your home with Amazon Alexa. We will also help you in integrating your existing home automation system with Alexa, to further extend the capability and functionality of your devices and make your home even smarter.

Email Management

Managing emails can be time consuming. The Astrobot skill lets you manage your Gmail or Office 365 email from your Amazon Echo. With this skill, Alexa can read, reply and manage your emails, as well as help you prioritize new ones.

Making Calls With Just a Name

The RingByName skill is a business phone service for making calls to any telephone number or extension using the person’s name. Alexa calls your phone number and connects to the number or person you want to talk to, including names in stored contacts.

Managing Conferences

Audio and video conferences play a great role in today’s collaborative workforce environment. The Conference Manager skill from Vonage interfaces with Google Calendar to detect your next conference and dial it for you. By simply saying “start my call” to Alexa, it will extract the conference information, dial the bridge number, meeting number, participant code and make the call.

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