An AI-powered fitting room for interactive 3D shopping experience

#WordPress # ASP.NET MVC # C# # MS SQL # SignalR # Bootstrap # Knockout JS


The client came to Infigrid Solutions with an idea of a virtual fitting room as a brand-new way of making purchases online. The fitting room should run smoothly on all types of devices, as well as be easily integrated with any e-commerce platform for an entirely new personalized shopping experience.

Our engineers developed an application that grants an online shopping a completely unique “offline” flavor. Available on PC, tablets and smartphones, it allows users create and customize their virtual 3D replicas (avatars) and then try the selected clothes on them.

The application interface allows switching between fitting modes, such as static and dynamic, to see how the clothes looks like in motion or in a certain pose. To make shopping even more fun and engaging, the app also supports sharing the created looks in social media and messengers. As of now, the application was successfully used by the client to attract investments for its further development.


  • Virtual Fitting Room with 3D Replicas
  • Fitting Modes such as static and dynamic (in motion)
  • PC, Mobile and Tablet Support


We build this using below technologies:

  • CMS: WordPress
  • Frontend: Knockout.Js, Bootstrap , Less, HTML5, CSS3
  • Backend: ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, JavaScript, 3D Renders
  • Database: MSSQL