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StarBuffet is our bespoke app development project for an Australian client. As a highly enthusiastic manager, he was striving to optimise the internal processes in their buffet chain and cut expenses on unproductive workers through integration of cameras and video recognition algorithms. The Infigrid team came to the rescue and delved a bit more deeply to understand the pain points of the client’s business, help find the weaknesses and strengthen them with the right technologies.

The business model of the restaurant chain was originally based on self-service catering – people paid the entrance fee and took dishes from the food stations. Each buffet had 3-4 special employees – food passers – who were responsible for maintaining food availability at each station. They had to monitor food items and order supplies from the kitchen when necessary, keeping in mind a lot of information such as which items were missing at which food station, which had already been ordered, which were on the servery, etc. The human factor caused a mess in the workflow, mistakes in orders and delays in supplies, with such an approach proving to be inconvenient and inefficient in general.

We reconsidered the initial idea of the video recognition system integration that the client had planned and steered his ideas on the right course. We proposed equipping employees with an iOS app. Taking into account the specialty of the client’s needs, the app provides two key roles for users: The food passers and The kitchen staff.

Our developers also backed the app up with a handy admin panel to manage personnel, food items, categories and stations. As discussed in advance, the solution had to be flexible to cover the growing network of the restaurants involved.


The food passers get the necessary functionality to:

  • Choose the station and order the required items
  • Control order completion timing
  • Receive notifications when the order is ready

The kitchen staff can use the app to:

  • Receive orders from the food passers
  • Indicate the time required for completion of an order
  • Send notifications when the order is available


We build this using below technologies:

  • Backend: Java, Spring, Docker, Amazon Web Services, AWS EC2 (Ubuntu Server), AWS RDS (Postgresql 9.6), AWS Elastic Load Balancer, AWS S3 (Media Storage), AWS Lambda
  • Frontend: Angular
  • iOS: Alamofire, AlamofireImage, ObjectMapper, RxSwift, SocketRocket, Realm, RxSwift, Core, Foundation, UIKit