A chatbot for delivering news and educational content that makes learning just as easy as chatting in a messenger

#Microsoft Bot # Asp.Net C# # Cognitive Services # Angular JS


The client, a US tech startup, wanted Infigrid Solutions to develop a chatbot for picking out and bringing content to users during a conversation in a messenger. The chatbot should be well-compatible across various messengers and serve as a full-fledged alternative to other ways of finding content, such as books, magazines and browsing the Internet.

We developed an AI-powered chatbot that provides users with the cherry-picked content according to their requests. Compatible across various messengers, such as Slack, Skype and Facebook Messenger, the chatbot communicates with the user in natural language, analyzes their inquiries and delivers content as a response during conversation.

The chatbot also allows viewing statistics on user engagement. As a brand-new way of training employees, the chatbot allows creating customized microlearning platforms within corporate messengers. It enables uploading and editing content in the form of texts, images and videos, providing content to users in small portions according to the pre-defined training schedule and checking their knowledge with small quizzes. This new format of training helps keep users engaged, avoid overloading with new information and boost knowledge retention. Today, the chatbot is successfully launched and used in several educational projects.


  • Dynamic bot flow
  • Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services
  • Compatible with Slack, Skype and Facebook

The kitchen staff can use the app to:

  • Receive orders from the food passers
  • Indicate the time required for completion of an order
  • Send notifications when the order is available


We build this using below technologies:

  • Frontend: Html5, CSS, CSS3, Ajax, AngularJS
  • Backend: C#, ASP .NET MVC, Entity Framework, Microsoft Bot,, AutoFac MSSQL