µ-Smart Grid

Grid Responsive Building Assessment Model

Grid Responsive Building Assessment Model
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This web-tool was prepared for U.S. India Joint Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD) project. The partial funding was received from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India (GOI) in order to prepare this web tool under CBERD project. CBERD project was administered by Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) in India.

Smart-microgrid tool will work in two modules (phases). First module will identify the energy conservation measures for various end uses/electrical appliances that are connected and in operation in the building. The module-2 will simulate the various 24-hour load curves (generated as an output of module-1) based on time of day price and Demand Response (DR) events.

In this system we have three types of users:

  • Admin user can able to view all the buildings, manage appliance, appliance type and price
  • Manager/Company admin can able to manage users for specific company and also view charts and reports/efficiency matrix
  • Engineer user can able manage building, building details and appliances, also he can able to see his assigned task


A Smart-Microgrid is a discrete energy system comprising of distributed energy resources including demand management, generation and storage and loads capable of operating in parallel with, or independently from, the main power grid.

  • Energy Savings tool
  • Demand Response tool
  • Micro Smart Grid tool – Trial and licensing
  • Trial and Licensing
  • Demand response consulting


We build this portal using below technologies:

  • SQL Server 2014
  • Google Charts and JQuery

Manage Building (Admin)

Manage Building - building manager or engineer person can able access this screen and he can able to setup or manage a building information like general, energy detail, operating hours and appliance and appliance operating hours.

User can able to do below operations under manage building:

  • Operating Hours – User can able to view/add/Update building operation hours.
  • Edit – User can able to Edit building information
  • Run Replacement – User can able to view “Efficiency Matrix” of the current appliance
  • Appliance – User can able to view/add/update/delete building appliances and appliance operating hours
  • Generation – user can able to add/update electricity generation for GAS, Solar and Diesel Set.
  • Charts – user can able to view appliance category wise load with available replacement options load.
Efficiency Matrix
Efficiency Matrix
  • User can able to see available replacement options
  • User can able to list of replacement by clicking on investment or payback for specific option.
  • User can able to select and replace appliance based on selected option based on investment budget.
µ-Smart Grid

This is main module and in this module user can able to view total consumption/load in critical and not-critical based on provided appliances and appliance operating hours.

User can able to view/enter generation price, demand and view final summary chart and details.

Smart Grid Steps:

  • Selected City, Building, Load Curve and click on "View Curves" button
  • it will navigate to the price, enter the price (if price is available in backend then it will show pre-filled)
  • Click on "Update Price" button
  • It will navigate to Demand, enter demand in kWh
  • Click on "Submit Demand" button
  • Finally it will show summary chart and report based on provided information.