Transportation Apps

A mobile application seamless, transparent and secure shipping experience

#Xamarin # Mobile Apps # iOS # Android # C# # MS SQL # Rest API


Our client is a UAE logistics company that wanted to create a shipment tracking app to automate shipment execution and transform the way truck transportation is handled. The main idea was to automate the whole process of cargo shipping, from initial request to delivery.

Our team was chosen for this project due to our qualified developers and an extensive experience in Xamarin development. The solution developed by our team empowered the customer to automate all the processes of shipment transportation, allowing for a better and faster order processing and shipment tracking.

Both the apps automate manual tasks and eliminate paperwork, thus contributing to a better performance and the reduction of overall costs. Using Xamarine, our team was able to build two types of apps for Android and iOS platforms that could be used by shippers, carriers, and drivers. Nowadays, the application is successfully launched and caters for the needs of at least 200 truckers/companies.


  • Frontend: Custom User Interface
  • Backend: C# , Xamarin
  • Mobile: iOS, Android


We build this portal using below technologies:

  • Xamarin
  • Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)
  • MS SQL
  • Rest API