Yumm Pizza

Pizza Ordering

#.NET # Rest APIs # iOS # Android


Ordering your favorite pizza just got even easier: new app with exciting features and enhancements.

"Yam ... Pizza" is a chain of restaurants in St. Petersburg, where users can order pizza and other food at home.

The application from the network of restaurants "Yamm ... Pizza" will allow users to quickly order a pizza delivered to your home or office in St. Petersburg.

Customer wants to give a unique recipe of this American pizza, Free pizza delivery when ordering from mobile app for first time users, Convenient payment methods: cash, online or by credit card and Pizza delivery to remote areas of St. Petersburg.


Yummpizza is a restaurant network in St. Petersburg.

  • Choose a pizza or a salad, drinks, desserts in the menu
  • Find promotions
  • Create your personal account to make orders online
  • Order your pizza at any time on weekend


We build this portal using below technologies:

  • Technologies: .Net Core, Rest APIs, Google Maps SDK, Crashlytics
  • Languages: Swift
  • Database management systems: SQLite
  • Revision control system: Git
  • Project Management Tool: Jira